Promotion of the hotel website: tips and examples

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Hotel Website

The professional positioning of a hotel website is important for business, as most guests today are looking for accommodation over the Internet.

When managing your own hotel or guest house, it is worth making sure that your website ranks high in the search results. We offer some practical tips so that the promotion of the hotel website brings the expected results.

Why SEO Positioning Is Important for the Hospitality Industry

In every city today there are many places to stay. The development of competition means that to attract new guests you need to have to in marketing. However, it should be emphasized that simply creating a website and buying social media advertising may not be enough.

The most expensive thing in the hotel is an empty bed. It has now become an extremely expensive mistake to ignore the SEO positioning potential of a hotel as it means a shortfall in profits. For some reason, hoteliers worry if a $1,000 computer breaks down at the front desk, but do not pay attention to the backward website, "thanks" to which the hotel can lose $ 10,000 in profits every month.

Let's break the old way of thinking and face the truth. Most potential customers search online for properties where they can stay during a vacation or business trip. Usually, online directories and search engines, mainly Yandex and Google, are used for this. If you take care of the proper promotion of the hotel's website, it has a chance to be on the first page.

A properly designed site allows you not only to learn about the prices for accommodation in certain rooms, but also to get acquainted with current promotions, attractions in the area and additional services, such as a SPA, gym, playground. You can make your brand recognizable with a people-centric website.

The most important advantages of SEO positioning of the hotel:

  1. Attract more guests.
  2. The opportunity to stand out among competitors.
  3. Appeal to the selected group of people with their proposal.
  4. Gaining greater recognition among the target audience.
  5. Increase the visibility of the site in local search results.

Keywords for search engine promotion of the hotel website

One way to attract potential customers is through search engine optimization. Before making any changes to the hotel's website, it is important to conduct a detailed analysis of competitors. This will help you plan effective actions and find the keywords that users most often type into the search box.

When thinking about relevant phrases, consider the benefits and profile of the hotel. With the help of appropriate analytical tools, you can include keys such as "pool", "SPA", "animation for children", "parking", "Wi-Fi", "restaurant" and the ability to take a dog with you.

Thus, the site may include phrases like:

  1. SPA hotel Ohio.
  2. Hotel with parking Ohio.
  3. Hotel for families with children Ohio.
  4. Hotel with swimming pool Ohio.

When planning the promotion of the hotel, it is worth considering the conditions corresponding to your object. If you offer rooms at great prices, make sure your website appears in search results after you specify, for example, "cheap hotel". On the other hand, if you offer apartments and rooms of a higher standard, use phrases that emphasize this (for example, "premium hotel", "luxury hotel").

It is also worth paying attention to the name of the object. Users typing "motel in a search engine" expect different results than users using the term "apartment." Choosing the right keywords is extremely important if you want to reach a specific audience and provide users with what they're looking for.

Local promotion of the hotel website is considered very important because Google shows different results depending on where the user is currently located. This is especially true with the proliferation of mobile search.

Many people, when looking for housing, also mention the city or area in which they want to rent a room. This is a good idea to take into consideration when planning keywords. Correctly using the phrases "accommodation in the center of Sochi" or "rooms in Ohio near the airport", you will target the site to a specific audience.

Optimization of the site code for hotel promotion

If you want to improve the results of SEO positioning and make the site as user-friendly as possible for Users and Google robots, it is important to ensure that the code is properly optimized. For example, take care of meta tags that are attractive to visitors.

The title and description should contain key information about your hotel, key phrases, and location. Also, make sure the most important content on the page is clearly highlighted and you've set up a 301 redirect to avoid duplicate content.

The hotel website should always remain attractive and intuitive for the user. It would be good to include a so-called call to action. If a person cannot find the information he is interested in, there is a risk that he will leave the site and book a room elsewhere.When placing a hotel, you also need to take the time to create subpages relevant to guests, for example, containing contact details or a price list.

As can be seen from the practical tips listed above, the promotion of the hotel on the Internet is possible only with the coordinated work of experienced marketers and technical specialists.

Google mobile search for a hotel website

When positioning a hotel, one must remember that nowadays more and more people are using their phones to browse websites. This applies to finding accommodation, especially if the user is away from home.

When optimizing your site code, you should make sure that it displays correctly on mobile devices with different screen sizes. This is also important because Google uses mobile-first indexing.

If you want to make your hotel page more visible, pay attention to the speed of its display. Sites that take a long time to load are less attractive not only to users, but also to search engines.

Promote a hotel with Google Ads

If you want to see the immediate effect of SEO promotion of the hotel website in the search results, bet on a paid promotion in the form of Google Ads.

The most popular type of advertising is the text version. If you choose this form of promotion, the site will appear on the first pages of search results after users enter certain phrases into Google. Most often, advertising appears earlier than the usual results, which allows you to reach a large audience.

You can also bid on graphic ads that Google displays in apps, websites, and videos on pages owned by the network. Thanks to this, you will reach the target audience even faster. The advantage of Google Ads is primarily the ability to choose who you want to show your ad to.

Criteria for determining the target audience of the site:

  1. Keywords used.
  2. The user's geographic location.
  3. History of visiting the site in the past.
  4. The language in which a person is looking for a hotel.
  5. User interests.
  6. Age, etc.

Remember also that Google gives you the opportunity to set your own budget, which you are willing to spend on promoting the hotel business on the Internet.

Local promotion of the hotel website

For your campaign to be as successful as possible, your hotel profile should be optimized in Google My Business and presented correctly on Google Maps. Local positioning helps to attract more customers who are looking for housing in a particular city.

After entering the initial data, the search engine will show potential guests the most important information about the hotel in search results and on Google Maps. It is worth taking care that the business card contains data such as the address of the hotel, phone number, website, as well as photos of the object.

After creating a Google "business card", users have the opportunity to write their opinion about a particular object. Never forget about this feature! Make sure your reviews are positive, as many potential guests are sure to pay attention to them.

If users begin to express concern, it is recommended to respond to comments with understanding and culture. If the findings are unfair and untrue, you may also want to consider removing them.

Content marketing as an element of hotel promotion

One of the most important elements of hotel website promotion is the publication of high-quality content. It is not only about an interesting description of the object, but also about the idea of a corporate blog, where you can regularly publish interesting articles, photos and videos.

Many people, going to a particular city, look on the Internet for information about attractions, shops, places or other objects or services available there. By posting entries on a website containing, for example, tourist spots, you can attract new visitors.

Sometimes the main purpose of visiting a city is just a specific attraction. By beautifully describing it, the brand of your hotel can immediately become part of the reader's subconscious.

Ideas for such articles abound – you can search for them in keyword analysis tools, Google Trends and even in the search engine itself. Here are examples of keys:

  1. Ohio interesting places.
  2. Ohio attractions.
  3. What to do in Ohio.
  4. What to see in Ohio.

Take the top positions in the search results for the listed keys, and your hotel business will certainly attract additional customers. These are just some of the popular key queries for articles in which you can include information about affordable housing in Ohio (Sochi, Moscow, Gatchina, and so on).

When planning content, remember that texts must be unique. Both users and Googlebots will notice the copies. This can cause the search engine to lower the visibility of the page and potential customers to find the object unreliable.

It is worth finding out what the needs of potential guests are, what users are currently interested in, what information they are looking for. Create unique and interesting content that meets the needs of potential visitors.

What to look for when promoting the hotel website?

There are a few more aspects to consider. For example, link building. Make sure that the links that lead to the site come from high-quality resources. It will be useful for business if the hotel is mentioned, for example, on reputable travel sites.

You can invest in sponsored articles that mention your business. Getting links in this natural way is the best way to promote your business and gain credibility among tourists or business visitors.

Looks like a daunting and time-consuming task for your team. It is true, it is better to entrust the promotion of the hotel business on the Internet to professionals. Our team will select the best optimization methods and help to achieve quick results.

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