How to choose a domain name for an online store?

Published in SEO2022-01-163 min read
Finding domain name

The right choice of a domain name for an online store lays the foundation for the future success of a young business. Just follow our five rules.

When it comes to a brand name or domain, a mistake can cost a budding entrepreneur dearly. In the future, you can change the domain name, but moving the site will require time and money, and will inevitably entail temporary damage to traffic and reputation.

That is why you need to immediately decide on the right domain, and only after that invest your blood money in the promotion of an online store.

Your domain name can be called an "online person" - a soul that should reflect the essence and principles of the company, simplify the promotion of business on the Web as much as possible.

Regardless of whether you are opening a new online store or plan to bring an existing business to a higher level, our rules remain relevant:

1. The domain name must be short

While it's important to include keywords in your domain, follow the measure. It is better to choose a short, apt and unforgettable name than a long abracadabra that no one will remember.

Aim for the maximum length of the domain name of 15 characters - this will not only simplify the memorization of the address, but also prevent errors when typing on smartphones and tablets.

2. Choose a unique site name

If you want to attract an audience, your online store should be different from the rest, unique in all respects – starting with a memorable domain name. Browse competitors' sites to navigate the typical titles and not repeat yourself.

The exception is online stores that intend to "parasitize" on the promoted names of competitors, and collect users who made a mistake with the address.

3. Domain should be easy to enter

In addition to the fact that the name should be short and clear, make it as easy to write as possible. At first, users will have to enter it manually, and an annoying error when typing can send a client to a competitor's site with a similar domain.

It's also a good idea to choose an easy-to-pronounce name, because people will talk about you!

4. Include keywords

A domain name with keywords is a great way to improve rankings. In this case, the keys in the domain should be optimally suited to the online store, adding the power of the name.

However, be extremely careful: the name should not be overloaded. Do not exceed the recommended length of 15 characters, observe simplicity and uniqueness.

5. Think about the future of your business

In the beginning, you have two ways – to choose a narrowly specific name or something more universal, suitable for the industry as a whole. We believe that for medium-sized businesses, the second option is optimal. Think ahead about the growth and expansion of the company.

As you can imagine, a specific domain will be more relevant to the expectations of potential customers today, but in the future, a business may grow out of its name.

This happened with the mega-popular online store "Rozetka" in Ukraine, which for several years of successful activity turned from a consumer electronics store into a huge hypermarket. Cognac, sweets, seeds, fertilizers, sneakers, diapers - all this does not fit well into the "electric" name. But the frenzied popularity saves.

As you can see, choosing a domain name for an online store is a whole science. Consult, go through the options, ask potential customers and find your way to success!